Happy happy day to Zara! Our little girl is 10 today and here’s 10 things all about Zara. 1. Zara loves #harrypotter. When asked how much out of 10, she won’t skip a beat and answer 9 and three quarters. 2. Zara loves owls 🦉, her room looks like an aviary. 3. Zara loves reading – besides reading #harrypotter a bit everyday, she will read anything and everything you suggest. 4. Zara loves school. And for someone who likes to sleep, first thing Monday morning she is up with birds because it is #backtoschool. 5. Zara used to love #tutus and wear them everyday before it was even cool, now her favourite outfit of choice are pretty plaid or floral collared shirts. 6. Zara has started to love tea, best of all she makes a mean cup of tea for others too. 7. Zara’s favourite food is chicken cordon bleu, an upgrade I guess from her previous love for chicken nuggets. 8. Zara loves her friends, she is so lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely girls who you know really will be best friends forever. 9. Zara loves her little sister Bailey, they have their moments but soon you hear “Bay-bay I’m sorry, let’s play!”. 10. Zara gives great hugs, they are rare though but are worth it! (Love you bubba!) xxx