Since the new year started I have been turning our house in Oberwil bei Zug upside down. I have been preparing for our move to Hunenberg and have been trying to get a head start on getting rid of stuff we don’t want or need in the new house as well as preparing this house for renting when we do move. In all of the excitement, I pretty much ignored the fact that we will only move in late August, as we do renovations that side which will hopefully start now in May (just waiting for the neighbourhood’s approval).

But I suppose the good thing about me already getting in moving mode is I have given myself time to move properly. I started off by tossing everything that I automatically knew we didn’t want, but now a few weeks have passed and so I am going to do another round of giving away/throwing away so that we really do only take what we need or love. I think this is going to be a lot tougher than Phase 1.

Another positive outcome of starting early, is that I have also ended up ordering new pieces of furniture already. Most of the items will go straight to the new house but some have already started to arrive here. I know it seems silly to move some pieces twice, but we aren’t actually moving that much and like the movers explained they don’t really quote piece by piece, more like truck container size by truck container size! The great thing about this besides being able to enjoy the pieces now, is that when we do move I am not going to have wait months and months of lead time before the house is actually “done”. Also, I know by already having all the paint, wallpaper, lighfittings, art, hooks etc. I will only have to call out the painter/wallpaperer, electrician and handyman once. Well, that is the plan at least.

So what are these grand plans I have been making? Well, over the next few weeks I am going to share all of my plans and moodboards for the rooms of the new Hunenberg house, but first as we will be living here at the Zug House for the next 6 months I am going to show you how the rooms have changed and been pared down. Probably, the closest I will ever get to minimalist living and I guess after reading all these great articles about Styling to Sell: good simple looks; ideal for when the house goes on the market for rent. I best get started…