When we first moved to Switzerland I bought the IKEA Stockholm sideboard and eventhough it has “worn” a little bit with spilt water and sun damage, I am still pretty reluctuant to give it away. Currently, it fills the perfect spot splitting our TV Room and Lounge Area but alas I’m not really doing much to prevent the sun damage, or help save my plants!

And I know I should probably not be using it as a book shelf either (sorry books!), but I have alot of books that don’t really have a home which is a bit ironic as most of them are all about interior decorating – ha!

I spent the morning the other day “rainbowing” them – basically I was tricking myself into dusting the said sideboard and this way I was willing to do it. But whilst rearranging them I realised something: all my English titles you can read the spine when the book is facing up but all my German titles were upside down!?! Which had me wondering… and therefore googling… and did you know this?