Our house has a relatively large open plan living area, the only problem being that it is long and thin, so it is hard to have two large rooms (lounge and dining room) and instead we’ve ended up with a narrow dining area, and then a lounge and a TV room. It is not bad looking but I think I must start considering how one could better utilise the space, as to be honest we never really sit in the lounge, unless guest are over and we are having drinks or tea. But possibly that is always the case with any living room sans TV?

Oh and that fireplace? Never been used! I know we are bad, but I can’t help it our house has central heating controlled (thankfully!) by our neighbours and so we always have a constant room temperature come sun, rain or snow. At least I have put the wood basket to use now for the summer (how cool is that Ferm Living basket) and my sideboard has also suddenly become busy what with me creating a seasonal display table each month this year… more later about the “Poetry & Peonies” look for May.