Our Summer Holidays are in full force now. We spent the first two weeks on holiday in Mauritius but the next four weeks (!) we have been at home. And it has actually been quite nice to just chill… We have been sleeping in late, staying up late, enjoying leisurely breakfasts, baking, braaing, catching up on our favourite TV shows, movies, reading a ton of books and spending hours in the pool! We also try every few days to actually leave the house!

Last week, we went to play Mini Golf in Zug and it was such a great family fun night out. The first two holes were a disaster, with one kid nearly refusing to continue but we soon got used to the greens and we all managed the 18 holes. Afterwards we headed to the Butcher for burgers and did you know they now have truffle mayonaise! The perfect surprise for our Golf Champion Liam!

Mini Golf in Zug