As a family we are a bit torn as to which is our favourite local Italian restaurant in Zug. It has always been a face off between Giardino’s and San Marco’s but now there is a third to add to the mix. Puccini is located next to the lake and has a modern but welcoming interior. When visiting this week we sat outside as the sun was shining and it was great to watch the world go by and enjoy the fresh air. The girls immediately saw and ordered the lasagne and this photo shows how good it looks and it tasted just as good.

Liam and I both had the Gorgonzola and Pancetta Pizza, and we both agreed that their base and crust is good, really good that we actually noticed and commented on it. So now how are we going to decide where to go?

1 – If you want a lake view, are in a group with kids? Head for San Marco – they are great with families – they even give old bread for the little ones to feed to the ducks and swans.

2 – If you want a lake view and are looking to enjoy sundowners? Head for Puccini.

3 – If the weather is off and you want to feel cozy and enjoy a varied menu; with good mains that are not just pasta/pizza? Head for Giardinos.

But to be honest we’re really splitting hairs now, we love them all, so it is actually just a case of where you can get a reservation.