This Spring/Summer I’ve decided to make it my mission to find the best ice cream in Zug. We are already firm lovers of the 10′ Dieci Zug, so today we decided to try out Speck Gelateria am See. This coffee and ice cream parlour is right down by lake near the ferry dock and has a stunning location.

The view today was amazing and the giant willow tree is beautiful (we will have to come back when it is in full bloom).

But alas, both Zara and I agreed that the ice cream was just okay. I think it was because the stracciatella that I ordered tatsed “nutty”? Which really shouldn’t be the case and Zara said that even her chocolate one also had such a flavour. So, if you do check this post out go for a fruity flavour (the cherry looked popular) or they had cocktails!