Finally after living in Zug for nearly ten years, we timed it to be in the Old Town the same time as the Fish Museum was open. We didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked to there as Liam and the girls were pretty tired after having lunch so I would recommend you do this BEFORE. It is right near the lake and is split over three levels. Downstairs you get to view real life fish “incubators” and then upstairs is all the historical artifacts and in the attic is a great video showing how the fish are caught in the Zugersee and then their eggs harvested for assisted hatching purposes. I particularly enjoyed seeing all the traditional methods of fishing memorabilia and Zara enjoyed the video, Bailey the puzzle making and Liam was fascinated by this “weird” fossil they found in the lake. But for more details about that you will have to go and check it out yourself!

B showing where our old house is, and look how deep the lake actually is!