Finally, found the best burgers 🍔 and shakes 🥛 in 🇨🇭! is a fantastic US import and I can see why the queue had already started when we arrived at 5pm.They don’t take reservations so get there early. Bailey and I had the Texan and Liam, the Greg Norman and we all agreed they were excellent. I would even dare say the best burger I have ever had in CH – and that’s a big deal because my last meal would be a burger! Zara didn’t have one (is she even my child?) but she had their chicken salad and she gave it a high five too.

Also, just so you don’t be too disappointed, their crazy milkshakes and specifically the cake one are limited on the day. We knew this, and so specifically mentioned to our waitress that it was B’s birthday and confirmed they still had stock. Unfortunately, we didn’t insist that she needs to specifically set one aside for us; and so when dessert rolled around they were all sold out.

B handled it so well, and placed an order for the Oreo shake instead, but I was really sad about it! All in all, we will definitely go back as the burgers are excellent and I am determined that we have the cake shake!