One of our autumn traditions even before our kids were born is to head to Zurich to buy proper winter clothes. This was a lesson well learnt when we first arrived 12 years ago to live in Switzerland from South Africa thinking our winter clothes would do. Definitely not!

The main problem being that they need to be completely water proof and if possible come with built in layers. That way you can start peeling off the layers as and when you go inside or the weather warms up. Also what we learnt through trial and error is that you really just need one great jacket (every year Tommy Hilfiger has great options), one great pair of snow boots (after trying other brands I now only buy “the polar bear shoes” aka Sorel) and one great pair of gloves (no specific love just yet). Then pretty much you wear jeans and tshirts underneath as everywhere you go it is so warm inside!

Now, it has become a bit of an Autumn Outing for us to head to the “City” and go and pick the girls Winter Wardrobe. Usually, we just head straight for Jelmoli as year after year this has always been where we end up and have the most successes. They carry a wide selection of brands and are most likely to have your size.

This time we were also distracted by the kids ski section as Zara has started to take a bit of an interest in “slope fashion” and ended up buying the whole Roxy ensemble!

It was good idea making a whole day of it; and for the girls it really is then just one day of intense shopping: trying on, taking off, looking for sizes, walking around etc. Maybe as they get older they will enjoy the whole “shopping thing” more but for now they were happy to do it for a morning and then head to Hiltl for lunch (which is perfectly situated right next door).

But that is not to say we won’t be back, or at least I will as it is a must to visit all the stores decked out in Christmas glory!