My friend Charlotte is Danish and she knows all the best shops and brands. Last week, she introduced me to the Sostrene Grenes which I am told is a Danish institution. Fortunately, they have expanded worldwide and now have a shop in the Sihl City complex in Zurich (right near the cinemas) and it is just lovely. As you know my love for Flying Tiger runs deep, so take that and then cover it all in soft pastel colours and with natural wooden elements instead and you have Sostrene Grenes! I also love the story how it is all about two sisters Anna and Clara and every little element is about them and their homes and their DIY projects.

It was a pity that I had already done most of my Christmas shopping and decorations, so I only picked up a few things. But I can’t wait until their new season as I was checking out their instagram with this year’s spring and summer was just lovely and I was having serious FOMO. So next year, I will be sure to be first in!