For the first time in years, we took the girls to the Christmas Market in Zurich. It has improved dramatically and we would highly recommend it. We were short of time and had just had lunch but definintely look to go with an empty tummy as the food stalls all looked amazing! We did stop at the nougat stand for dessert and it tasted great, but little did I know after buying two junks that I would be set back a hefty sum!

For young kids there is lots to do: they made a mini “play-play” Christmas market for the little ones and the most beautful Carousel I have ever seen. To keep my older girls more “entertained”, the morning of the trip we drew straws and everyone was given a name and would be their Secret Santa. The idea being that at the market they needed to secretly buy a pressie for their person and then that night we would surprise each other with a gift! It worked out great as they were then keen to walk around looking at all the stalls etc. and the top secret factor added to the excitement.