By accident we found this restaurant chain in Zurich. We’ve never seen it before, but I think it is going to become a firm favourite when we are in Zurich. Vapiano is located in Sihl City and it is well postioned next the the Arena cinema complex and the Sihl City Shopping Centre.

The restaurant works on great system whereby as you walk in you are handed a card, this is then presented at each counter you wish to order at: the bar, pizza, pasta, etc. You place your order and then head for a table. When your food is ready a little buzzer will go off and you pick up your order. So much better than waiting in queues and for waiter service. You can then enjoy your meal at your leisure and on your way out you settle your bill.

The pizza was good and the girls lasagne looked amazing. Plus, you can even pick your own fresh herbs from the table centrepiece!