Last year, we visited the Licht Halle Maag to see the Vincent Van Gogh immersive Experience and this year they have the Viva Frida Kahlo one. It worked out perfectly as Bailey is currently learning all about the Day of the Dead in class and just before we  caught the tram to the Halls, we enjoyed a Mexican lunch at the Bridge in Europa-alley.

The exhibition was a little bit crowded before you get into the big lit up hall; here you can stop and see a few art works and the story of Frida’s life. I would encourage you to read this beforehand especially as her life (and art) is not for everyone  – I think if we would have taken Bailey a few years earlier it would not have been age appropriate.

The light show is great and we really enjoyed the parrot that fluffs his feathers and the dancing skeletons! She truly was an amazing person and whilst B and I agreed we are not crazy about some of her very graphic art, we do love all the colours, the animals, flowers and fruit ones!